Your Hosts and The Viking's keepers:
The Valentincics

Andy, Paola, and their children: 

Julia, Andrea, Rita and Odin.

                          It's all about history. 

Established in 1941 as "Anderson Cottages"  by Clarence (Hildegarde) Anderson.  There were trailers as well as cottages on the property.

In 1961, Anderson sold the property to his daughter and son in law (Tom and Carolyn Jessen).


In 1967, Tom and Carolyn built 3 kitchen apartment units, near The Inn Road. Old Anderson Cottages were torn down and rubble burned. 

In 1977 they added 3 more kitchen units to the South building, and also the North side Motel buildings, and that is similar to what we see today.  


Arbutus Greenfeldt slide image, courtesy Washington Island Archives. 

The Martin-Johnson Family. Starting from top left: Simon, John, Jacob, Morris, Helena, Louise and William Flath.
Front sitting: Martin & Helga Johnson with grandchildren Edward (Andy Valentincic's grandfather) & Alice Flath.  

The Vikings are coming!

Andy's Great Great grandparents, Martin and Helga Johnson, were both born and raised in Norway. Married in 1879,

and migrated to Washington Island a year later. 

They acquired land, which they farmed and lived on, on the corner of Jackson Harbor road and Range Line, which remained in their family until about early 1950's.  All their children were born in Wisconsin. 

They were very hard working people, and large family as well. Viking Village's New owner Andy Valentincic is proud to be part of this legacy, and embrace that heritage and history. It was quite fitting to keep the motel's name with the new ownership, which embraces that symbolic theme we continue to see throughout our Island.